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The average CEO reads 52 weeks a year and today I understand why. Books have information and have helped me fast track my life. While the information in this book directly related to profit. Today I skim through books looking for the golden nuggets, on life, health, relationships, negotiating and just being the best version of myself. If I’m going to learn, I want to learn from the best in the business and so should you.

Until last year I read about one book a year. In 2018 it was Fire & Fury by Michael Wolff.

A key takeaway I got was that Donald Trump would take a tough stance on a topic with Fire & Fury and then get distracted, move on and it would turn out to be an empty threat of some sort.

While reading, I wondered how could this translate to an investment opportunity.

I made a quick Venn diagram in my head with my area of competence, topics that were receiving Donald Trumps Fire & Fury, and any overlaps would be my area of opportunity.

I found nothing.

So I signed up to reputable media outlets and as started following Donald Trump’s Twitter account to get a feel for what was going on straight from the source.

Still nothing.

However, it didn’t last long. A few weeks later, around April 2018, he started going hard on Amazon, hard enough that the stock price began to drop and my ears pricked up. This was in the middle of my Venn Diagram, in my area of opportunity!

It fell and fell to below $1400, and my Apple watch gently tapped my wrist as an alarm I set off got triggered.

Time for me to man up, put my money where my mouth is and test my theory!

I expected that Donald Trump’s attention would go elsewhere, and the stock would go back to its equilibrium. And, all other things being equal, I’d have a small profit.

The next few weeks were stormy, in fact, so much so that I stopped watching the stocks, and my attention went elsewhere.

One day, six months later, while at the office I got another gentle tap on my wrist; Amazon had sailed past $2000 and kept going.

I wanted to see where it would go so I didn’t sell. Ok, so I was a little greedy and as you would expect, I was to learn my lesson.

Donald Trump came back onto Amazon stating it was “Scamming the Post Office”. The price began to fall and before long it was back down to $1400.

I was confident to have validated my theory; however, I was yet to make any money out of it.

Staying true to my theory, I held the stock.

It was another ten months before I got a gentle tap on my wrist; Amazon hit $2000, and this time, I sold immediately and walked away with over $20,000 in net profit, or indeed, a 40% yield. 

Some of you will be thinking, “but every tech stock rose during that period”. 

Ok, so let’s compare. If I bought Apple stock over the same fifteen months, I would have had a 25% yield, so you would be somewhat correct.

However, allow me to emphasize my point.

Donald Trump’s attacks on Amazon put the stock so low that it was like a Black Friday Sale, and precisely like a Black Friday Sale, the deal was too good to pass up.

If he didn’t do that, my money would have been sitting around in the bank, earning zero while I waited for an opportunity to put it to work.

When he left the Whitehouse, my strategy went with it.